A collection of guest blogs from most recent to oldest. Some of these Tableau tutorials will date back to prior the founding of

It has been an honour to be able to share ideas and collaborate with various members of the data community.

Guest Blogs and Talks.


Continual Contributions to the blog of #SportsVizSunday Late 2021-present


(July) Iron Viz – Behind the Build

(June) Austin TUG – Feeder Rounds

(May) Iron Viz

(May) Analytics TUG – Map Layers

(April) VizConnect – (Not posted)

(March) Sarah Bartlett – IronQuest Feedback


(December) Sarah Bartlett – IronQuest Feedback

(October) Autumn Battani – Data Journey

(September) Zach Bowders Interview for Data + Love

(August) TinyVizTalks – Making Sports Data Accessible

(July) VizConnect Youtube – Shape Layers

(March) Autumn Battani – 100 Women in Data , Collaborations

(February) FlerlageTwins – Curvy Tournament Bracket

(January) Adam Mico – Interview with CJ Mayes


(December) VizConnect Youtube – Circular Sankey

(November) Marc Reid – Circular Sankey Template

(September) Amar Singh – How to Ace Shape Making

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