The site occasionally goes under re-structuring. (Namely, when I find time.) Expressing who I am as a person, my values and personality through the site is super important to me. I want to share a few reasons behind different components of the site.

Vision & Values

You can find my list of vision & values here to learn why being passionate, unique and the best version of myself is important to me.

“What’s Good?”

The What’s Good episodes started in 2021 and was a fun creative means of sharing insights from members of the community that I found particularly interesting at that moment in time. Each month had a different theme and story to tell. I wanted to make sure the series focussed on embellishing the personality of the interviewee whilst shining a light on their recent community activity through tips and tricks.

The naming convention is derived from asking friends what’s new and exciting in their lives.

“Logging Off”

The reason the blogs are signed off with “Logging off” is to symbolise the reminder to turn off at the end of the day. A natural closing of the day is signing off the device and taking time to recharge.


I am hoping the site can grow to a point where the branding gets externally recognised. I would love to branch out one day to feature more than tutorials. As times change, so do my interests. I am currently looking into new ways to connect, learn and share be it through community meets, charity work, and other expressive means.

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