CJ Mayes is a Tableau Visionary and Ambassador who currently works as a BI Director, based in London, UK. At the start of 2023, CJ was listed as part of the DataIQ 100 Next Generation initiative.

Excited by the blend between sports and data, CJ currently co-authors #SportsVizSunday blogs. When he’s not writing about sports, you will tend to find him out running, watching football or reading books on psychology.

CJ believes in being passionate, unique and the best version of yourself.


Finding passion and love for the people and processes around me, celebrating the commitment, successes and impact along the way.


Being myself. Believing that uniqueness is used to serve a greater purpose, whilst encouraging new ways of thinking, innovation, and creation.


Aiming to be 1% better a day through incremental steps. Adapting this rule to inspire all avenues of life to be at my best.