Hi All,

Welcome back to a quick update on a previous blog I wrote probably a year or so ago on player metrics.

You can read it here. It originally details some extra steps that looks at adding in a background.

Recently, I’ve had a few messages about how to add in a second players metrics and the ability to sort the values so that the lower value is on top of the larger value.

You can see how this looks below:

I would recommend anyone that wants to fully understand the step by step guide to read the original player metrics blog on my site.

So what’s new?

Well you can download the new dataset from the GitHub icon at the top of the page (data V3) that has an extra column now in called ‘Sort’ – We will use this within our template to layer which of the values we want on top. You’ll see how the highlighted rows signal the ones where the layering will be the opposite way round.

Things to note: The X & Y calculations are now amended to include the sort calculation so that they can be layered correctly.

Can I populate my own?

The rest of the template remains the same! You can download the template from my Tableau Public page, just follow the link at the top of the blog.

All you will need to do is replace the dataset with the new dataset from the folder that you’ve populated with your own data, keeping the field headers the same.


Try playing around with different segment numbers.

As always, Let me know how you get on with this one. I can be reached on Twitter.