Hi All,

I wasn’t sure whether to write a small blog on my first Tableau Conference experience or not, namely because I would want to mention every single person I met and how much joy it brought me to being able to connect with everyone. Given though, it was possibly one of my favourite work, and even life moments I think it’s only apt.

Instead of re-writing the full schedule and sessions I attended, here are three moments that will stay with me.

Iron Viz

I have so much appreciation for both the Tableau IV team (Brandon etc) and the efforts they went to this year for bringing what I hope was an exciting showdown on stage. Having got to spend time with Will and Kimly and learn more about them both personally much beyond our vizzes and the competition was a real highlight. Both such talented, caring, individuals. Same goes for our Sous vizzers – Mark, Nina and Doris. In and amongst the playful stage comments were some really nice friendships and support mechanisms shown when in rehearsals.

I can’t wait to see who we will be cheering on next year, come spring time.

Inspiring Individuals

Yes, I got to meet A LOT of my data heros. As did everyone, I’m sure. But to have been my first conference I wasn’t quite sure how people would react to meeting me for the first time. Breakfasts, small chat in the hallways, visionary summit, the occasional beer… oh and the sessions themselves. It all adds up and wow it feels welcoming. Its not just visionaries that are my heros, we have ambassadors, long standing community members, first timers, and colleagues.

It was also great opportunity to meet the #JLLDataFam. What a fab bunch, to say hi and share stories. Truly invaluable. At JLL, we are building culture the right way and it truly shows. Not just in person, we also had channels virtually for those wanting to get involved and have loved reading through the threads and hearing everyones voice on topics like the keynote, devs on stage, and how it will impact the future of JLL.

Data night out was a blast, I am so grateful for the amount of people that would make the time to connect. The best interaction was definitely when an unnamed individual asked if the second or first place from IV was here LOL, I see how it is!


Personal Development

Before this week the largest in person crowd I ever presented to was about 10 people. The confidence IV gives you in yourself and the support network of the event is something that will live with me forever.

They say people attend for the connections, but I must say the sessions themselves were also actually remarkable. There were a lot of technical features that I learnt in regards to transparency from Kevin and Ken, as well as containers and pre attentive attributes from Sam P & Simon B. The list could go on. I loved geeking out listening to all the different sessions on offer.

I don’t think Paul C will let me hear the end of it for missing his early Thursday morning session on retaining talent though (Sorry!)



So, where does that leave me now?

The conference left me feeling refreshed. Excited for what’s to come in the wider community as well as my own professional development.

My main reflections include:

More content. I’m quite excited to get back into routine and publish up some more Tableau blogs. It’s only recently I’ve got use to perhaps my new working structure and I hope to continually share more of my own technical builds as well as showcase other community members through the blog. I hope I can really build the site further to resemble who I am as a person and my own personal brand.

Wanting to make #SportsVizSunday one of the most well-known data communities worldwide. I really hope we can expand its online presence as well as push our connections with clubs, sports and events. You may have noticed a lack of its promotion at TC this year and I do blame myself a little for not organising anything sooner.

Giving back. Helping others sees their confidence grow from attending or presenting at the conference really hit me. No matter what stage in your career you are, you can contribute to the conference through different means. Finding your voice is something I’m passionate about and would like to help others with.

Take care all & once again thank you to the Tableau team for helping make conference such a memorable experience. Andrew, Britt, Larissa – it was absolutely magical.

Logging Off,